stool testing

Are you a provider looking to add stool testing to your practice?

I have helped many of practitioners take a closer look at their client’s guts to gain clinical insight and better serve their client. I can provide the testing, interpretation, and detailed recommendations to your client to enhance their coaching experience with you! 

Need a public speaker, content writer, or a presenter for your team?

I have provided team talks, written blog content, and spoken at events to help spread evidenced-based sports nutrition and gut health information to the masses. I would be honored to help you do the same!


A few of the topics I can cover...

Team Talks

Group presentations and team talks can cover sport specific nutrition strategies, travel nutrition, game day prep, off-season strategies, and more!

Gut Health

Gut health for the athlete is such a passion of mine and I would love to speak or write on the topic. Check out more of my content here

Healthy Relationships with Food

I strongly believe that one of the biggest impacts I can make is to help athletes with their relationship with food and their bodies. I love this topic!

Download my Free Fueling Roadmap to get you started!

This freebie is a whole masterclass by itself – walking you through what to eat ad when to help improve your training fast!

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