What if you could live and train without fear of gut symptoms?

so that you can finally live a life of freedom and perform at your best

Does this sound like you?

Imagine this...

What if I told you there was a better way?

What if you didn’t have to constantly be thinking about whether or not to eat, what to eat, and when you will have to urgently poop next.

Seriously, it’s possible! And it doesn’t have to rely on restricting all your favorite foods or living in fear.


We need to critically assess the different factors that might be contributing to your gut symptoms. Things like nutrient timing, meal composition, and total caloric intake. 


Based on the factors identified, we will create a plan as unique as you! And don’t worry, no matter how busy you are you will  be able to integrate these strategies. Get ready to level up your performance!


Through guided worksheets, group learning, Q&A’s, and tons of resources you will learn and grow in your knowledge and application of sports nutrition.

Kind words from current students.


The gutActive Method

The gutActive Method is a 3 month program specifically designed for the high performing athlete struggling with nagging gut symptoms who are ready to get to the root of the issue and break free for good.


Learn in a group setting of like-minded athletes with access to me, your performance dietitian and coach alongside you the whole way!

e whole way!

Here's what's included:

The gutActive Method is a 3 month program broken down into easy-to-digest modules that help you implement what you are learning to get to the root of the issue and get your performing at your best, fast!

Group Coaching

Live group coaching calls with me, your performance dietitian and a group of like-minded athletes.

gutActive Method Access

You will get immediate access to the resources within The gutActive Method. Live group coaching and Q&A’s will be recorded so you can revisit them at any time!

Private Community

A private community using a secure platform that allows each participant to interact and support one another.

Get your sneak peek...

Here's how it all breaks down.

Each module builds on the one before to help you assess all the factors related to your symptoms and how to fix them. These modules are the core lectures but we will also have implementation weeks and bonus lectures to give you the space you need to really implement everything you are learning.


Value Aligned Goals

Starting with who you are as a human being and where you want to be and creating goals from there is where true transformation happens.


Nutrition Fundamentals

Learn how food works in the body and how and why we can use it to perform at a high level. All your nutrition questions will be answered here.


Fueling Guidelines

We will look at all the evidenced-based guidelines and figure out how to apply them to your life. You will have access to all my fueling protocols so we can quickly create your fueling plan.


Gut Irritants & Root Causes

We will go through all the different root causes for gut distress in sport and determine your specific triggers. We will also discuss general gut health as it pertains to the high level athlete.


Meal & Snack Planning

Gone will be the days when you have no idea what to eat. You will learn how to meal plan, snack plan, travel plan, and ultimately plan on the fly to take your knowledge and implementation to the next level.


Myth Busting

One of my favorite ways to teach is to talk through common myths. We will look at what the evidence says so that you can make the most informed choice about any given strategy or product. 

Kind words from current students.

There's more...

Let's talk about the bonuses.

There will be plenty of bonuses along the way!


To make it even easier on you to implement a high performing fueling plan.


To help you put these principles into your everyday life.


We know how difficult it is to navigate sport culture in the current climate. This bonus recorded lecture will help you feel calm and confident in your body as an athlete.

Let’s “gut” (and stay) active! Don’t delay feeling your best any longer!

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason you don’t feel like this is the right fit for you, you are not obligated to stay. Within 14 days I will completely refund your investment if you have participated and begun applying the materials and you still don’t feel like this is a good fit!

And just so we're clear...
(Because we don't believe in wasting time)

You're in the right place if:

You're in the wrong place if:

Hi there, I'm

Christa Smith

Thanks for checking out my corner of the internet where I work with busy athletes to get to the root of their gut issues and start performing at their best.

I’m a Registered Dietitian and specialist in human performance and gut health.

I’ve helped loads of athletes learn how to fuel their sport and minimize nagging gut symptoms – helping them perform at their best!

I use my signature gutActive Method framework to relieve symptoms and help you adapt to your training.









Frequently Asked Questions

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

You will get access to the platform that includes the chat and community immediately. We will meet weekly for 90 minutes to walk through the materials live, answer questions, and provide support. 

All calls will be recorded and housed in the platform for you to watch at your earliest convenience. Of course we want you to be present whenever you are able, but you don’t necessarily have to be. 

While many of my athletes have experienced complete relief and I am really proud of the results, I can’t guarantee them. There are too many factors at play that are not under my control. I will give you all the tools and support you need though!

While primarily a group program you will get access to a private chat feature with me as well as food journal reviews and feedback on your guided worksheets. Plus, we will be having weekly live sessions to get all your questions answered! We will be able to quickly troubleshoot any difficulties along the way. 

You will get access to the modules and recordings for 3 months – the duration of the program. 

Absolutely! I want this to be a good fit for everyone which is why I have everyone complete a discovery call prior to enrolling. Reach out via the “Book a call” link to chat! 

Don’t hesitate to reach out!

It's your time to join us!

Joining the gutActive Method is easy!

Book a discovery call below to make sure you are a perfect fit for the program. We can talk about your biggest struggles, what you need, and how to get the most out of support from me.

We’ve got so much value, support, and community to offer you and I CANNOT wait to see you inside the gutActive Method. What are you waiting for?!

If you've still got questions for us or want to chat, please email us anytime! We'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure, we promise.