I'm Christa Smith!

Registered Dietitian and specialist in human performance and gut health.

I’ve helped loads of athletes with IBS learn how to fuel their sport and minimize nagging gut symptoms – helping them perform at their best!

I use my signature gutActive Method framework to relieve symptoms and help you adapt to your training.

I've always had a sensitive stomach and felt things in my gut. I don't remember a time when I didn't struggle with constipation and/or diarrhea...

Living without digestive issues is about you enjoying more of your life, being more present, enjoying your sport, loving food again, and feeling confident in your own skin.


Nutrition for gut health is so much more than just what we eat. It includes lifestyle factors like stress and eating environments and our mindset around food.


I’ve spent close to 10 years studying and working in the field of nutrition. I have helped tons of athletes navigate nagging gut symptoms and create fueling plans that work.


It’s time to stop the restriction and fear and start focusing on what really matters – living your life and enjoying the work of your sport!

I'm here to guide you in making easy shifts to maximize your performance and gut health


Gone are the days of confusing diet restrictions and annoying eliminations


Easy, meaningful changes are the name of the game – they make a world of difference


You need support, knowledge, application, and community – the gutActive Method provides it all!

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Kind words from clients.

"Something I realized during practice was how much time I was spending thinking about food and how hungry I was. After putting the tips you gave me into practice I have been so much happier training and actually focusing on getting better". -Collegiate runner "