Are you an athlete with IBS or other annoying gut symptoms?

I help busy athletes fuel their sport and navigate gut issues,

so that they can focus on what really matters, performing their best!

You don't have to be a slave to your gut symptoms and fear food...

For many of my clients, this is not their first rodeo. They have been to the Gastroenterologist, functional medicine doctor, nutritionist, etc. and nothing seems to work.

Eventually they are slapped with an IBS diagnosis and a handout about the Low FODMAP diet and sent on their way.

How frustrating is that??!

Not only are the symptoms getting in the way of you living your normal life but they are also hindering your performance.

It doesn't have to be this way though! You don't have to be fearful of food, give up foods, or be confused about what to eat when. I can show you a better way!

What does Christa Smith Nutrition Offer?


Group & 1:1 Coaching

The gutActive Method is perfect for the athlete with gut symptoms that wants to know it all AND have the support of a like minded community! I also a offer a few 1:1 spots, if that is a better fit.

stool testing

Stool Testing

Do you feel like you need extra support in figuring out exactly what’s going on in your gut? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work? Stool testing may be the next step. If you are a provider and are looking for a professional to test your client and provide detailed results, reach out! 


Resources & Courses

Courses, recorded talks, handouts, workbooks, and more. All with the athlete with gut symptoms in mind! 


I'm Christa Smith

Registered Dietitian and specialist in human performance and gut health.

I have studied human performance and the gut extensively through additional certifications, courses, and diplomas. 

I’ve also helped loads of athletes with IBS and gut symptoms learn how to fuel their sport and minimize nagging gut symptoms – helping them perform at their best!

I use my signature gutActive Method framework to relieve symptoms and help athletes adapt to their training. 

If you are searching for a nutritionist for athletes, look no further!  

Here's how it works...



First, we will assess the different factors that can be contributing to your unique symptoms. Things like nutrient timing, total energy intake, and meal compositions.



Based on the factors identified, we will create a plan unique to you! No matter how busy you are you will be able to integrate these strategies. Get ready to level up your performance.



Through guided worksheets, group learning, handouts, and resources you will learn and grow in your sports nutrition knowledge.

Kind words from clients

"I had tryouts yesterday and they went fantastic! All during practice last week I was feeling great and am so appreciative of you teaching me how to fuel myself".

-Collegiate Rower

Not sure where to start?

My free Fueling Roadmap download is the perfect start to building a fueling routine you are proud of. It walks you through how to think about your day and assess types of food that would work best around your training schedule.

Check out my resources tab for more freebies! 

Freebie Preview

Looking for more meal planning support?

My FREE 5-day meal planning challenge will: 

  • Help alleviate any stress when it comes to planning your meals.

  • Help you have a system to rotate recipes, so you aren’t eating the same meals every week.

  • Help you and your family already know what’s for dinner, so they don’t have to ask you!

meal plan challenge

Check out our other free resources!

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